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Modern online bingo sites offer large variety of jackpots from progressive to instant, in order to make the game more rewarding, entertaining and engaging. Almost everybody, who loves to play online games aware of the most popular game of bingo because of its worldwide popularity huge demand over the Web. The game came into the news for its mouth-watering deals, bonus offers, jackpots and entertaining online games that make it much better than land based traditional game of bingo. Just because of its versatile and irresistible range of mouth-watering rewards, bonus deals and jackpots, this online game has become highly popular all over the Web. But when it comes to knowing the game and its features, very few players know about them. For an instance, very few players may know that online bingo sites offer wide array of jackpots that offer different types of cash deals. Surprisingly, apart from offering many rewarding features, online bingo sites also offer variety of jackpots to players.

Players can win different types of jackpots round the clock which make the game more exciting for them that is why people are desperate to join online bingo sites today. Though there are some other eye-catching features as well such as social networking feature and variety of online games offered by different sites, still lucrative jackpot deals stole the limelight in making the game a huge hit. When online version of the game was launched, jackpots were quite restrictive and rigid. Mostly, jackpots were restricted to coverall and progressive but as the time passed, online bingo sites started making the game more rewarding in order to grab more players from all over the world. And nothing is better than offering free money.

Money makes everyone go crazy. So bingo operators unleashed a new type of jackpot which is also known as guaranteed jackpot game. This new jackpot got huge positive response and now players love to participate in month long game because the chances of winning it are quite high. The beauty of guaranteed jackpots is that they don’t require players to call bingo within a specified time period. In this jackpot, every player who is participating in it will get guaranteed jackpot money no matter how many calls have been made. On the other hand, there is one more type of jackpot which is quite popular among players from all over the world. It is known as Progressive jackpot. It is equally popular among players because of having huge free money and rewards to offer.

In this jackpot, prize money is decided by the number of cards sold and is totally ruled by the number of calls required to win the progressive jackpot which varies from site to site. It is therefore very important to read terms and conditions of progressive jackpots before participating in it.  Along with that, New bingo sites also started offering coverall bingo games which require all of the squares on the card to be covered for winning them. It is totally an opposite of progressive jackpot which means that instead of increasing, it decreases as the game moves on. This is the only reason why players don’t participate much in it, but its fun to give it a try. In the nutshell, with new times and technology, best online bingo sites have evolved a lot and still going strong with each passing day. Just hope that these sites will come up with some more jackpots in the coming future.


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