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Just like any other gambling game, bingo is completely a game of luck. But somehow Online Bingo Jackpots is different from roulette. The reason behind, ardent bingo lovers have a better chance of winning as compared to roulette.

This can be done by purchasing more cards. For instance, if it is a game of nine players, a player who purchases one card ultimately increases his odds of winning by 1 in 10. Similarly, if you are going to buy 11 bingo cards then the probability of winning will be 10 by 20.

Every player should be aware of playing at a site that tells him/her about the total cards. But the main question arises, whether it affects the bingo jackpots or not?

What Is The Correct Way Of Calculating Bingo Jackpots? 

The right way of calculating bingo jackpot depends on the type of bingo game you are playing. The 75ball bingo includes a 5×5 grid where players can win by predetermined patterns. In 90 ball bingo, players need to make lines.

The 75 ball bingo broadly has one winner – a person who at first manages to complete the pattern. Whereas, in another type, 90 ball bingo, there are usually three prizes that ultimately make the jackpots small but increases the chance of winning.

online bingo jackpot

Various Types Of Jackpots 

If we go for a standard bingo game, the jackpot depends on the total number of players as well as the price of the tickets. However, there can also be a guaranteed prize.

Here are some of the various types of jackpots:

  • Fixed jackpots – this type of jackpot is always available for the players. In a 90 ball game, the player requires to get a full house with a certain number of balls. Whereas, in the 75 ball game, you can claim the jackpot after completing the pattern. The winning amount is usually divided into the winning players and the winning amount gets credited to the winner’s account immediately.
  • Community jackpots – this can be called an alternative to progressive jackpots. Under this type, a set of players is given a certain percentage after triggering the online bingo jackpots. But the remaining prize is given to the players who bought the tickets to participate in the jackpot game.
  • Progressive jackpots – in such type of jackpot, the more tickets you buy, the better your jackpot will be. However, after winning jackpots can be reset. To win progressive jackpots, players need to get a full house. Today, most of the best online casinos offer progressive jackpot games where they set the funds every day. It is the biggest jackpot offered by best online bingo sites UK.
  • Progressive side games – under this type, jackpots are calculated differently. Also, the jackpot is determined according to the contribution done by the operator. The side games having progressive jackpots usually attain the peak once a day, usually around midnight.

What Is The Reason Behind The Unequal Jackpot Amount To The Total Players’ Ticket Price In A Bingo Room? 

Online bingo is just like any other business. To offer amazing services to its players, there are certain profits made. Therefore, a specific portion of the ticket price goes back to the online bingo business instead of being distributed among players.

A certain amount that a bingo operator takes is completely influenced by the size of the business. Thus, large businesses or established bingo websites can take around 2-3 percent of ticket prices.

What About Offline Bingo Operators? How Much Do They Charge?

In comparison to online bingo operators, offline operators charge higher because they have to bear other expenses, including rentals, electricity, maintenance, etc. Thus, the ticket prices at offline bingo halls are higher than online bingo halls.

Which Is The Recommended Bingo Game For New Players?

Well, new players should stick to community jackpot games where the risk is lesser than other jackpot-winning games. In community online bingo jackpots games you don’t need to buy many cards and save a good portion of the money. The best part is that you can hone your skills without risking much money at the initial phase. However, if you are a seasoned player then you can easily rub your hands on jackpot games, and participate in promotions as well.

online bingo jackpot


Playing bingo is complete fun. However, if you are new to this world then community jackpots are the ones for you. But if you are a seasoned Best online casino sites UK player then it better to go for progressive jackpots. A mathematically-inclined player will always be able to calculate his chance of winning a jackpot. It’s all about gaining experience and honing your skills to get the art of winning the online bingo games. Thus, keep playing without getting carried away.

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