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There is only one online caisno games that defines the real meaning of fun and excitement and that is online bingo games. Also, this online casino game is super simple to understand and offers every player a chance to win great money. No wonder, bingo is famous online but is also loved offline. The social hubs along with cheerful communities plus chatting and having fun together are the highlight of the game.

However, the players who want to play bingo online need to know a few things before the actual play. First thing first, the casino website should have a license. This ensures that the operator is legit and you won’t face any drawbacks.

Here are some of the tips which will help you win amazing money while playing online bingo:

  • More tickets mean more chances to win – this is the best tip which can boost your chances to win better. If a player buys one ticket then he has one chance to win. Or if a player buys two tickets then he has two chances to win. There are some bingo rooms where a player can buy 100 plus tickets. So, try to buy more bingo tickets. There are many online bingo games that run promotional offers on buying bingo tickets at attractive prices. So, look for those sites or promotions to amplify your chances of winning the game.
  • Your timing should be right – if the players are few in the game then you have better chances to win. However, it is the timing that matters. If you choose to play at an odd time such as early morning, the players will be few. But if you decide to play during weekends, the bingo rooms will be jammed packed. So, focus on timing. However, while playing a progressive jackpot games you have to play with other players to get the jackpot amount growing with each passing day.
  • Bingo Jackpots – the best part of playing bingo is to win bingo jackpots. A player can buy tickets for any bingo jackpot game beforehand. However, these games are highly popular as everyone wants to win jackpots so you might face strong competition to win it. Also, keep in mind that jackpot games require good amount of wagering. So, if you are ready to wager then only go ahead with these games.
  • Don’t ignore chat rooms – chat rooms are exciting and fun. Also, they can improve your chances to win. Now and then, the chat host runs side games as well as competitions which can allow you to win free tickets as well as bingo bonuses. Thus, it is not wise to ignore chat rooms. Try to spare some time for chat rooms fun activities to increase your chances of winning.
  • Bonuses are your best friend – every bingo site offers welcome bonuses to the players. These bonuses boost their bankroll as well allow better chances to play and win. So, after being done with the welcome bonus you can also find special promotions and other benefits. So, always look for bonuses, including deposit bonus, promotional bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, loyalty bonus, etc.
  • Don’t go beyond your limits – it is essential to set the limits and don’t go beyond that. Bingo is all about wins and losses so a player should never be tempt by anything. A little discipline will take you a long way. Many players go bankrupt while playing bingo aggressively and addictively. So, always know your limits and don’t get carry away while playing to keep you on the safe bingo games

Bingo Strategies that every player should follow

There are two prominent online bingo strategies to win for every player. So, you must know these two strategies to amplify the chances of winning the game.

  • Tippett’s bingo system – this strategy was proposed by LHC Tippett. The strategy boosts the chances of a player winning in online bingo games. According to Tippett’s theory, in a 90-ball game, if more numbers are called, there will be higher probability of the balls that will be close to the median. If fewer numbers are called, it will be close to 1 to 90. This way the players can guess whether the bingo game will be long or short so that they can buy the tickets for a better win.

Also, Tippett’s strategy in 75-ball bingo:

  • In short games, a player should pick tickets with numbers that are close to 1 and 75.
  • In long games, a player should pick tickets with numbers that are close to the median of 38.
  • Granville’s strategy – this strategy was propose by Joseph E. Granville that was famous for his financial market predictions. His skills allowed him to determine that a player can improve his bingo odds via selecting tickets with definite types of numbers. This strategy involves the randomness of bingo numbers along with the laws of probability. Plus, there is an even distribution of high as well as low numbers. He state that numbers of balls that end with 1, 2, 3, etc. have a chance of being call at the initial stage of the game.

According to him, a player should buy bingo cards,

  • Cards that have an equal number of high as well as low numbers.
  • Cards that have an equal number of odd as well as even numbers.
  • The same numbers that end till 0 till 9.


The above-mentioned tips and strategies will help you win at online casino sites UK. However, one should remember that it is a game of luck. You can improve your chances of a win by following the tips and strategies but there is no guarantee of winning every time.

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