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Important Tips to Control Your Bingo Budget

Important Tips to Control Your Bingo Budget


Bingo is a famous game in UK and winning it depends upon sheer luck. Like other online games available it also involves risks. But if you plan and know how to control your budget, then you can decrease the risks drastically. It can be very to stay out of focus and spend more than the planned budget initially, but strong willpower and few important tips is the solution to stay focused and play within the budget.

At the time of depositing your funds in the best bingo sites in UK, check the best available offers. Big bonuses exist, but to avail them you need to pay a big deposit amount. For example, if you deposit £30 to receive a £20 bonus, your bingo budget will be £50 worth of game play. Now the next step would be you need to plan how to survive in this budget and earn more. This is where our tips play an important role:

  1. Depositing Bonus

Calculate and know the size of your bonus in mind at the time of depositing the amount. Bonus amounts differ as per the given following criteria:

  • The amount of you deposited (Bigger the deposit, bigger the bonus you will be).
  • Promotional codes. Use promotional codes at relevant areas. This is usually mentioned in the banking area, just before making a deposit.
  • Happy Hour Bonuses. This is one of the best tips that not many people are not aware of and don’t even take the advantage. Ask the customer care people on Live Support if they are providing any special offers before you deposit. If yes, then they can guide properly and will suggest better offers than using the standard banking procedures.

  1. Schedule of Free Bingo Games

On regular basis, check out the site’s schedule to find out when you can play the “Free Bingo” games. Also check the new bingo sites in UK which offers better and new deals as site owners keep updating this information.

Play these more often because any amount won are extra funds.


  1. Bingo Games with Low Value

Play games with little value, like penny bingo and 5p or 10p games.

  • Try to restrict yourself and buy just one strip or six tickets maximum per game. You can use the winning amount to buy more strips.
  • The advantage of playing low-value games is that you will get a rough idea how many tickets you need to buy for future. If you have six tickets, and you are winning the tournament, buy additional six to take a risk.
  • Always remember, only one ticket is required to win a tournament. More number of tickets will increase the probabilities of winning.


  1. Chat Games

If possible start playing chat hosts’ tournaments more often. They offer more advantages to winners.

What are they?

In this, a chat bot plays along with the players in a bingo chat room. For example:

Lucky Number Chat Tournament

Choose any number between 1 and 90. Now this will be your lucky number throughout the tournament. After the announcement of your number, if you are the first person to type “Lucky Number” with your chosen number into the “chat” box, you will win a bonus.

New Bingo Sites

What Can You Win While Playing them?

Bonuses differ for each game, but players gets £1 as minimum bonus, and it could be more as well.

What Does It Look Like?

Many chat bots treat chat game as a macro. A macro can be defined as a text message written inside asterisks and other additional symbols.

For example:

  • *~*Lucky Number*~*
  • ~*Pick a number between 1-90~*

It is undoubtedly valuable to play these games. Give it a try today in case you have not played it earlier or are uncertain about them.

  1. Games and Jackpots with Higher Value

They comprise of higher-priced tickets, and the outcomes comes with a bigger number of prizes too.

The prize range can be £25 or more. Our suggestion would be to stick to a minimum amount anywhere between £2 and £5. If you win, buy more tickets. There are several types of jackpot games available. Pre-set and the Progressive Jackpot are two main ones.

How Progressive Jackpot will work?

The jackpot can be played with 45 numbers and it grows as players buy tickets for the game.

Few Progressive Jackpot Examples

  • Some percentage of the price of the tickets goes into the pot
  • Prizes range can be between £200 to £5,000 or more
  • Wining the prize requires winning within 45 numbers
  • The process will start from the beginning after the jackpot has been won

How Pre-Set Jackpot will work?

It is like a descending jackpot game, because the prize amount decreases by one number if the big prize has not won. But a good high value prize is assured when playing this type of jackpot.

Few Pre-Set Jackpot Examples

  • If game is won on 44 numbers, you win the jackpot, worth £25,000.
  • Winning on 45 numbers could get you £15,000 bonus.
  • You could win £10,000 if you shout bingo on 46 numbers.
  • A prize of £5,000 is offered generally for 47 numbers.
  • If nobody wins the jackpot prize, but you win on 48 to 90 numbers, you obtain £2,500.

Keep these points in mind while playing will surely make you a better bingo player and will help you stick to a fixed budget. Keep these tips in front of you when you are planning to pay your bingo games. If you follow these tips, you will get the rewards from your gaming experience.

It’s never easy to keep stick to your budget. The effort is certainly worth it, and the rewards are great.

Last but not the least, it’s not a good deal to spend more than you had intended on any top bingo sites of UK. Play sensibly and learn slowly.

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